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Looking for Bathtub Refinishing Tampa Florida??

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Like New Bathtub Refinishing in Tampa FL is the CLEAR LEADER with over 25 years of experience in the Bathtub Refinishing and Bathtub Reglazing trade, we provide workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. In need of a new Bathtub or Shower?  Why not SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and Refinish your old one.  It SAVES MONEY and TIME. 


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Shower and Bathtub Reglazing Pros in  Tampa FL? 

Is your bathtub dirty and dingy?

Have you noticed leakage, or it simply looks dull and uninviting?

Now, if you are reading this eagerly, I am sure you are in great dilemma and looking for some critical answers – whether it is a good idea to buy a new bathtub or just refinish your existing one? Many homeowners in Tampa, Florida are worried and thinking if it will be a wise decision to buy a new one, considering the costs involved.

Whatever your decision is – one thing is definite! You need to give your bathtub its long-lost glory. It is seeking your attention and you need to do what is best.

So, here we come! 

We can help you in this dilemma. We always recommend bathtub refinishing for the residents of Tampa, Florida. We have many reasons for such a recommendation. Keep reading to know more.

Bathtub Refinishing Services in Tampa Florida – Reasons for High Demand

Undoubtedly, this is one of those services which has always been in good demand. People look for efficient services, which are high-quality and available at affordable rates. This is one of the many reasons, why you will come across several companies, providing reglazing or bathtub refinishing services in Tampa, Florida. However, the important question is how will you choose the ideal provider?

This is certainly tricky! 

You need to take into consideration a variety of factors. So, here are some of the details related to the work and why you need to consider bathtub refinishing and tasks associated with it.

Bathtub Refinishing – What is it all about?

Bathtub refinishing is commonly known as bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing or bathtub re-enameling. This is the method of refreshing the bathtub and getting rid of its worn-out condition and repairing its damages. This process involves fixing and repairing the damaged areas of the bathtub. It offers a totally new look. However, remember, that you cannot do bathtub refinishing yourself. 

No – the DIY techniques will not work for you. Get in touch with professionals and you will get the work done in quite an efficient way.

When you choose the right providers, you are assured that you have a totally new bathtub.


Bathtub Reglazing and Refinishing in Tampa, Florida

The many bathtub refinishing companies in Tampa receive hundreds of calls daily from their customers. Customers desire to know more about the refinishing services on offer.

So, the question is, how to customers realize that they are in need of different bathtub refinishing services?

When you think about replacing your old bathtub, it might not be an easy decision because it is not just about replacing the bathtub. There are several other tasks which are involved – this includes investing in repairs of the bathroom, trimming, flooring and also plumbing. When all these tasks are completed, you are ensured that your bathtub will fit well.

So, think about it! 

Are you ready for the extra costs involved and the hassles? Refinishing is definitely an easy option.

However, the fact is that refinishing is often necessary. It is essential in case of all old tubs. Old tubs are often made using high-quality material and they are used for a long-time. In fact, many old bathtubs are made from materials which are now not available quite easily. With their constant use and time, they start losing their neatness and they are worn-out.

A little refinishing and might be some repair are all that is needed – you will have a totally new bathtub with no additional expenses. As you get in touch with the companies, you can get assistance from experts. Professionals can offer the much-needed suggestion – they can help you by offering suggestions. They will help you in deciding if your bathtub is in need of reglazing, if it needs to be replaced or it is in need of repairs.

Shower and Tub Repairs Which Will Last a Long-Time and Have a Warranty.

Bathtubs are now an integral part of our homes. These are generally installed before the walls are constructed. Thus, when any kind of damage is noticed, it becomes quite challenging to replace the tub. If replacement is done, adequate care should be taken so that the interiors are not harmed.

Homeowners often look forward to professionals or specialists because if they carry on the repairs and maintenance, it will last for a long-time. Also, after being used for a long time, as the bathtub starts losing its initial looks, it begins to show signs of damage. Homeowners realize that they need to get the repairs done quickly.

It is true that you cannot actually hire any person or company you come across. If it is about your bathtub refinishing, you need to get in touch with experts.

How Bathtub Reglazing Can Make Your Tub Look Completely New in a Day

Homeowners do not opt for replacement as it is expensive. Besides being expensive, it takes a lot of time as well. If you are getting your bathtub replaced, it might take you more than 1 week for total completion. Not only this, the construction crew will just tear the bathroom apart. They will be all over your premises, walking with their equipment and tools. This brings a lot of hassles and your privacy too gets hampered. This is especially uncomfortable for those who live alone.

As you opt for bathtub refinishing services, you are assured that the work will be completed in 1 day. Besides, there is no extra problem related to mess. The good part is that you can use your bathtub in just 24 hours.

As you get the new finish on bathtub and the shower, you can be assured that it will need very little maintenance. But, as per experts, harsh cleaners should never be used as they will damage the surface. Take a little bit of care and you will be able to extend the life of the tub or the shower.

Your bathtub might be a lot worn out. It might be a lot damaged, but with the right provider, you can have a brand-new bathtub once again. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for the replacement. 

Reglazing comes with a number of benefits. Here are some of the many reasons why you need to think about bathtub reglazing.

  • Reglazing is good for Any Kind of Bathtub – There are many different types of bathtub which can benefit from the reglazing services. These bathtubs include some specific models like claw-foot tubs. You can also reglaze the Acrylic tubs and they will look completely new.

  • No Change in Bathroom Structure – When you choose to have the reglazing services, you are assured that the structure of the bathroom can be maintained. You do not have to worry about additional mess caused.

  • Repurpose the Old Bathtub – When you choose to get the reglazing done, you will be able to add some uniqueness to the bathroom. It helps in adding character to the place. You can keep your old bathtub and you do not have to spend extra money on your new tub. All that needs to be done is repurpose it and it will get a totally new look.

  • Color Change – Yes, with reglazing services, you have the opportunity of changing the color of bathtub. Invest a little and you can update the entire look of bathroom.

Looking For “Bathtub Refinishing Near Me” in Tampa, Florida

Are you looking for ‘Bathtub Refinishing Near Me’ In Tampa? Do not worry because we are here at your services. Just contact us with your requirements and we will help you.

Refinishing is quite an efficient process. If the right materials and techniques are used for the process, you will get a completely new bathtub in a short time. As you choose a refinisher, you need to ensure that you are making a good comparison related to the prices and services offered by the companies. It will assure you that you are selecting the best company.

  • How experienced is the company?

Any company which is in the business for a long duration is worth considering. Remember, any company that is serving the industry for a long-time, is definitely capable. We take pride in stating that we have more than 26-years’ experience. 

  • How qualified are the professionals?

Before you hire any company, it is important to know about the skills and experience of the staff who are working with the company. How much experience do they have? You also need to know about the different types of projects they are handling.

  • How committed are they? Are they knowledgeable?

You can easily get in touch with the representatives of the company. Find out more about the experience, training and qualification of the staff. You also should know about their experience. Try and find out more about the various projects they have handled.

  • Talk To Them About References

A company which has been in business for a long time, should be able to provide references. You can also check or review the testimonials provided by their satisfied customers.

You Found Us

Yes, we are here to help you out!

Get in touch by simply clicking here or call us right away! Our professionals are always ready to assist you. You can tell us about your requirements and your location. We will take care of the rest.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed on Tub Reglazing!

When you hire the right professionals for bathtub reglazing, you are bound to get satisfaction. Flexible and affordable services are offered by reputed companies, which helps in catering to the varied requirements of the users. You might be thinking about how to match your bathtub with sink or the tiles or you might just be thinking about recoloring the fade – you need to know that experts will definitely understand your desire and linking. They will do it just as you wish.

26 Years’ Experience in Bathtub and Shower Refinishing

Bathtubs and showers are generally made from materials like porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass which tend to lose their shine and brightness after prolonged use. Shower refinishing and bathtub are quite safe and effective, helping to get back the shine and brightness of the bathtub and shower.

With our long years of experience, we realize that repairs on time are quite essential so that the bathtub can last for a long duration. 

No one desires emergencies! It is not about hassles, but it involves extra expenses as well which none desires.

Experts who will visit your premises, will thoroughly check the shower or bathtub and find the real source of the problem. Bathtubs are usually damaged when they are used for a long-time. They often develop cracks, they get rusted, they start chipping and look dull. Once the bathtubs are inspected, they start their service by cleaning the bathtub or the shower quite thoroughly. 

The main motive is to get rid of all scum, materials, debris and dirt which tend to get accumulated on the surface. Specialized cleaners can be used to remove all dirt and debris. As the cleaning is completed, if any minor damage is seen, it is repaired soon. The surface is again prepared for the final finish. This final touch gives it a totally new look.

The entire process might seem to be quick and easy, but it does require plenty of planning. It needs expertise for the execution of the tasks. You will find that professionals are generally trained for such a purpose – they are well aware of their job. They carry out all processes quite meticulously.

Prep work is the KEY to Quality Bathtub Refinishing

We often find faded colors, leakages or wearing out just around the surface of the bathtub or sink. If you find any of these, it is a clear indication that you need to get your bathtub refinished shortly. Refinishing or replacement is the way to give a totally new look to the bathtub. However, when you decide on refinishing, you need to know that it requires a lot of preparation and you cannot start right away. It depends a lot on the existing condition of your bathtub or the bathroom.

Here are some steps which you need to take as a part of the preparatory process:

  • Repairs in Bathroom – No one desires a dented tile or a crack on the wall after all the refinishing work is complete. Check out for all kinds of probable problems in bathroom, especially in the plumbing and tiles. Thus, it is necessary to check for any probable need of repairs before engaging the refinisher. In case you cannot check it thoroughly yourself, always get it checked by professionals. When all necessary refinishing is done, you have no worries about any damage to your new bathtub. Lastly, do not forget to check about clogged or leaky pipes, which need repairs before you move ahead with the refinishing process.

  • Remove All Personal Items – You need to ensure that before your crew steps in, you remove all your personal items from the space, where refinishing will be carried on. Remember to remove all towel racks which are present. If there is a shower curtain, you need to remove it as well. Besides, ensure that the surface is totally clean so that refinishing gets a final neat touch. If you have personal items scattered around, it will add to the inconvenience.

Tampa FL Tub Refinisher


If you are in need of a Tampa, Florida refinisher located near you, all you need to do is search the internet. You will be flooded with many options and it is up to you to make the right selection.


Selecting the right company is often daunting. You need to choose a company that is efficient and offers cost-effective services. In this way, you can ensure that your work is done quite efficiently from the beginning. Who would like to take a chance by selecting a company which doesn’t have the relevant experience?


Tips to Select the Ideal Bathtub Refinishing Company in Tampa, FL


  • Your selected company should explain the entire refinishing process from start to finish. Check if your chosen company provides all the details. You can speak to their representatives and learn more about the entire process.

  • If your company claims to finish the job too quickly, you need to be aware. It is possible that the company is missing out on some necessary steps. It generally takes 3-4 hours to refinish one standard size bathtub. 

  • Find out if there is any kind of written guarantee. There are many companies which offer a written guarantee, which is also proof of the fact that the company offers top quality services.

  • Is your selected company licensed and does it offer any guarantee?

  • Will they provide references? Professionals usually offer plenty of references which you can check easily. References will help you to understand that the company has a satisfied list of clients, who will happily recommend their services.

  • Do not forget the pricing structure. Are there packages on offer for customers? You can compare the services of the different companies, find out more about additional services and price structure. Affordability is important but the services shouldn’t be over-priced as well. ​


Facts About Tampa Florida 

What makes us PROUD to be a Local Business Here.


Tampa Florida is a popular city, located in Hillsborough County, in Florida.

Tampa is known for its many tourist attractions, which include the famous Busch Gardens, where families can spend their fun time. The city is also known for its local cuisine which is popular amongst the tourists. Some of the food items which shouldn’t be ever missed include garlic shrimps, Cuban sandwiches, smoked mullets, Columbia salad, stone crab and more.


If you are in Tampa, Florida, you have many opportunities to enjoy the city. Here are some of the many things you can do when in the city.


Busch Gardens Tampa – This is a popular amusement, which offers a wide range of adventure and fun activities for the family. Busch Gardens is known for its exclusive park experiences which include Guided Adventure Tours, Serengeti Safari, themed rides, special attractions for kids and live entertainment. There are a number of animal attractions like Jumbo Junction, Bird Gardens, Cheetah Run and Edge of Africa. 


Tampa Riverwalk – This is a wonderfully maintained pedestrian pathway which connects Tampa with the waterfront, museums, restaurants, hotels and public parks. The Florida Aquarium, Cotanchobee Fort Brook, the World War II American Victory Ship and many more interesting places are all nearby. Couples looking towards a romantic date should visit the Tampa Riverwalk.


The Museum of Science and Industry – This is another visited place in Tampa. Visitors have a good chance to immerse themselves in technology and science. There are several museums to explore and learn the basics of scientific principles, maths and physics. Kids have a good opportunity to lean how the human body works. They learn how technology can help in leading a healthier and better life.


Tampa Theatre – This is an ideal place for movie lovers. Tampa Theatre provides a unique mix of different architectural styles which include Greek Revival, Byzantine, and Italian Renaissance. Some of the best classic and foreign films are showcased here. Movie lovers can enjoy some of the old and new films in the perfect ambience.


Tampa’s Amalie Arena – This is the place where a number of exciting events take place regularly. It is one of the most frequented spots by youngsters. This is a sprawling venue that attracts people who love to watch concerts or sporting events. This is also the home to Tampa Bay Lightning Teams and Tampa Bay Storm. 


That is not all – there are scores of shopping destinations, cultural activities and places for entertainment. Do not miss the local cuisine and some of the most traditional dishes, when you are in the city. Visitors can stay in luxury hotels or budget hotels as per convenience. You are bound to love the warmth and hospitality offered by the city and vouch to return again and again.


There are scores of incredible things to see and enjoy in Tampa. Just plan your vacation and spend a wonderful time with your family and friends.

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